Here are the Top Big Data Tools You Must Watch Out For

These days, markets have been inundated with different tools relating to big data. They offer better efficiency and help reduce the time burdens on the organizations. Here are the tools that have been handpicked that would help you.


This software offers the best of everything in one. You may gain access to multiple platforms. It would help you gain information on every data source. You may handle multiple tasks at the same time, with this on your side.


If you are looking to hasten your data process, this is it. It would offer all the flexibility in handling data, that you require to make your job easier. You can extract different data from various different sources. It allows one to scale up the servers and perform higher jobs.


If you are looking for a data process that will allow you to scale your project and enhance your performance, go for this one. There are optimized libraries for C++. It handles even the most complex tasks.


This one is a free open system for any organization. Its capabilities when it comes to computation are insane. It is undoubtedly the best big data tool out there. It is very easy to run big data analysis on this one.


This is a single platform for various purposes. It has been optimized for it to be used for the cloud and offers complete security. It even complies with the various policies and offers protection to the data.


If you are looking for an open-source that can manage third parties, look no further than Cassandra. To enable the various aspects of the tolerance, the data can be repeated. It takes care of low latency too.

Stats iQ

If you are looking for something quicker than your regular, Stats iQ would help. It can comply and assess large amounts of data at one go. It also creates various graphs and finds relations between the various aspects of the data. It makes the whole analysis easier.


This one is made on a single node and gives the benefits of any database. The interface that they offer is simple to understand for everyone, with straightforward options. Also, it can connect the user with multiple servers at the same time.

In conclusion

There are many open sources available for your big data applications. But you should choose the one that fits your business purpose. It is a great practice to try them all before you finalize and rely on one. Big data analytics have made our lives easier multifold. So don’t be surprised if you have unsurpassed development in this field quicker than you anticipated.

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