Whitepaper: IBM Marketing Performance Analytics

by   |    May 14, 2014

Empower marketing professionals to analyze and act on marketing performance data. This report explains how the IBM Marketing Performance Analytics solution can help them: – Leverage marketing performance metrics to generate driver-based campaign & program plans – Access cross-channel campaign Read More…


Whitepaper: Reduce asset downtime and improve product quality

by   |    May 1, 2014

Prevent asset failure and optimize processes with IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace and defense, chemical and petroleum, electronics, energy and utilities, government, travel and transportation and telecommunications. Learn how you can use Read More…


Whitepaper: Uncovering assessment response bias

by   |    April 17, 2014

IBM SPSS Statistics helps Assess Systems improve its candidate assessment instruments. Learn how Assess Systems analyzed more than 15,000 surveys and was able to: – Gain significant insight into increased positive response patterns on job assessment tests, leading to tighter, Read More…


Whitepaper: Predictive Maintenance for Dummies

by   |    March 19, 2014

Predictive maintenance (PdM), a software technology, is becoming more popular and mainstream for organizations because it helps maximize asset productivity and process efficiency by gaining insight from your data. Download this 51-page whitepaper to learn to: – Understand the concepts Read More…


Whitepaper: Where have all my marketing investments gone?

by   |    March 13, 2014

Turn marketing challenges into opportunities with marketing performance analytics. This whitepaper describes the new normal for marketing in today’s world. It addresses how customer expectations, social media, globalization, KPIs, and ROI are re-writing the marketing handbook from days of yore. Read More…

Sponsored Post: Locking Down the Cloud For Healthcare

by   |    May 28, 2013

A secure cloud isn’t a myth or even out of reach when dealing with healthcare information.  In fact, implementing an intelligent security model around virtualized infrastructure is not only doable, but also provides unprecedented value to healthcare organizations and businesses Read More…