Webinar: Streamlining Insights Out of Core Transaction Data

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This webinar is part of the Data Informed Big Data Academy Marketing Analytics & Customer Engagement series.

Core transaction data is the best source for insights to improve operating results. Traditional approaches to sourcing core transaction data make it hard to use.

New techniques to streamline insights out of core transaction data produce remarkable results.

We will walk through and discuss in-market examples of the results these techniques produce.

Date: Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Time: 2:00 pm ET/ 11:00 am PT
Duration: 60 minutes (including Q&A)

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Featured Speaker:

Shep Parke, Managing Principal, Markets & Strategy, GrowthOps

Shep has over thirty years’ experience leading enterprise revenue generation solution deployments.For marketers, sales forces, and service teams, this work includes top-line issue assessment, process intervention and solution design, planning and cost justification. He has led successful revenue generation deployments across industries including Banking, Telecommunications, Technology, Manufacturing, Travel, Consumer Retail and Government. Since late 2000, and leading into 9/11, Shep has been deeply involved in shaping innovation to understand and improve large enterprise revenue generation information management capabilities – primarily centered in and aound ‘operationally applied’ Customer Insight.

Shep began his career in 1980 with Procter & Gamble. In the mid-80s, he helped build and scale Sales Technologies, the first enterprise-level sales automation providers. In the mid-90s, he helped build KPMG Consulting’s Customer Value Management business. In 1997, he was competitively recruited to help build Accenture’s (then Andersen Consulting) global CRM business into a $4B market leader. Since 2010, Shep has been building next generation applied insight services called Growth Operations Principals.

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