Webinar: Maximize ROI and Accelerate Adoption of a Successful Cloud Strategy with Workload Analysis

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Moving to a cloud environment can lead to greater agility and cost savings through standardization, scalability, automation and self-service. But defining your cloud strategy is just the first step. The next step is to accelerate adoption of your strategy and ensure you realize all the benefits of your cloud investment.

Learn about an approach used to identify workloads that will best fit your targeted cloud environment while also maximizing your return. Capitalize on a structured approach to analyze each individual IT workload in a timely manner. Find out how to harness the power of IBM Workload Transformation Analysis for Cloud to produce a detailed, quantitative evaluation of business applications to determine costs and migration considerations.

Attend this webinar to understand how you can:

• Assess which workloads fit your target cloud
• Determine the migration impact and cost-benefit of moving those workloads to a target cloud
• Identify and answer key questions, such as, ‘how challenging might it be to get to cloud with current workloads,’ and ‘can the target cloud satisfy performance requirements?’

Register today to ensure that your migration project unlocks all the benefits the cloud has to offer.


Featured Speaker:

Beth Layton, Offering Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Strategy and Design, IBM

Beth is the global product manager of GTS’ Cloud Consulting service products and assets, including Cloud Infrastructure Strategy and Design , Workload Transformation Analysis for Cloud, Cloud Impacts on Organization, Governance and Services (IT Transformation) and Cloud Value. As an offering manager, Beth led the develop development of key intellectual capital assets used by IBM consultants, including analytics and methods, and tools for assessing the client’s current situation. Beth also developed assets to help consultants build strategies, roadmaps, infrastructure and organizational designs, processes and procedures to take client from where they are with cloud, to where they strive to be.

In addition, Beth has 20+ years experience consulting in Cloud, Service Management Strategy & Design and Application Development methods.

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