Watson Trend App Brings Cognitive Analytics to Consumers [Podcast]

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IBM today launched the IBM Watson Trend App, allowing shoppers to use cognitive analytics to understand trends and identify the most popular products this holiday shopping season.

The app analyzes tens of millions of online conversations taking place on 10,000 sources across the Internet, social media sites, blogs, forums, comments, ratings and reviews. It uses Watson’s understanding of natural language and machine learning technology to determine consumers’ sentiments about the products they are considering or have purchased. The app also uses predictive analytics to forecast if a particular trend is a fleeting fad or will remain strong.

The app is available via a free download at the Apple App Store.

Justin Norwood, product strategist for IBM Watson Trend, spoke with Data Informed about the new app, its applications for both consumers and businesses, and how it is indicative of the power of the cloud to democratize data by delivering understandable insight directly to users who need it, at the exact moment they need it.


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