Visibility into Real-Time Sales Data Keeps Sandwiches Moving for Manufacturer Greencore

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Greencore sandwich assembly line 1024x820 Visibility into Real Time Sales Data Keeps Sandwiches Moving for Manufacturer Greencore

Greencore is relying on real-time sales data to improve demand forecasts and reduce waste for its foods like sandwiches. Above, one of the company’s assembly facilities. Greencore photo.

Through near real-time analysis of electronic point of sale (EPOS) data from iconic British retailer Marks & Spencer, Irish convenience food manufacturer Greencore has delivered substantial business benefits: improved on-shelf availability for pre-prepared sandwiches, increased sales, reduced waste—and an ROI payback estimated at less than a year.

The business intelligence project, first tested in April at Greencore’s sandwich manufacturing facility in Northampton, U.K., used Qlik Technology’s QlikView BI tool and proved itself within three months, say Greencore management. Using a pre-prepared ‘wrap’-style sandwich line as a testbed, the facility’s commercial team set out to better forecast consumer demand, enabling the Greencore merchandisers responsible for stocking Marks & Spencer stores to respond with more agility than was previously possible with Microsoft Excel-based reports and pivot tables produced on a weekly basis.

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