User Discussions About Hadoop Grow Deeper as Technology Matures

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This is supposed to be the year of Hadoop and big data adoption, where companies get off the fence and buy into systems that will help them make data-driven decisions in their everyday business processes.

And the Strata Hadoop World conference in Santa Clara, Calif., held Feb. 27 and 28, is a good place to gauge the readiness of professionals in the field as the event attracts a range of people, from management types to engineers. Vendors, both established ones like EMC’s Greenplum and Intel, and startups, are there to show their wares. Privacy, data sharing and the ethical considerations behind purely data-driven science were hot topics both in the sessions and during breaks.

Nathan Shetterly from management consulting firm Accenture, said he has noticed the nature of people’s discussions at the conference had matured this year compared to previous events. “One of the things that I see is more of a focus on use cases, and examples that are actually kind of business relevant instead of just technology relevant,” he said.

Jenna Hoffman, a senior research associate for genomics at DuPont Pioneer, was typical of  the data professionals at the event. She was just there to learn as much as she could about the technologies discussed and how they could help her advance her genomic research. “We’re running into a lot of the same problems [as businesses]: we want to be able to run our statistics and our analytics,” she said. “But we can’t do that anymore with the amount of data we’re producing.”

In this podcast, Data Informed Staff Writer Ian B. Murphy surveys attendees and speakers at Strata Hadoop to understand what they’re looking to gain from a data-driven approach, how far along they are in the big data adoption process, and what they learned at the conference. (Podcast length: 8:51)

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