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Business Problems Suited to Big Data Analytics

by   |    October 18, 2012

Enterprises need clear processes for determining the value proposition of a big data analytics project. In this article, David Loshin examines the applications that make sense for these projects and the criteria that enterprises should use to weigh the costs and benefits of such a strategic investment. Read More…

Enabling Analytics Through Business Intelligence

by   |    October 8, 2012

There is an important difference between business intelligence and analytics, writes Laura Madsen, a health care BI expert, in this opinion piece about the differences between the two. BI is an enabling mechanism for analytics. BI can’t do analytics, and analytics is not BI. Read More…

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Retailers, Experts Cite Challenges to Implementing Big Data Analytics

by   |    October 4, 2012

Gathering customer data isn’t a problem for Tuesday Morning. The company has access to information from sources like its new loyalty program, its new e-commerce platform, and social networks like Facebook and Pinterest. But Grant Anderson, the company’s vice president of IT merchandising systems, said that converging all this data is the next big challenge for the deep discount, off-price retailer. Read More…

Analytics and the Drive for New Opportunities in Micromarket Targeting

by   |    September 12, 2012

Sometimes good things come in small packages. In business-to-business sales, big data tools and techniques are digging up veritable truffles in the form of micromarkets. Running the right algorithms on a variety of data makes it possible to refocus sales efforts on the market slices with the most potential—often with dramatic results, researchers from McKinsey & Co. report. Read More…