To Protect Privacy, Personal Builds Business Model to Trade on Consumers’ ‘Small Data’

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Shane Green CEO of Personal

Shane Green CEO of Personal

Shane Green cut his teeth building The Map Network, a company he co-founded in 1999 to help organizations such as the Smithsonian and the NFL Super Bowl create, manage, and distribute their own digital maps. That company—which was purchased by Navteq in 2006 and swallowed by Nokia a year later—allowed such concerns to become “an active player in the mapping of their customers’ personal data,” he says.

Now Green is attempting something similar with his new company, but this time he sees consumers—and their need to control and manage their personal data—as his mission. The company Green co-founded in 2009 is called Personal, and it has developed a model for online security that focuses on individuals rather than on the enterprise at a time when consumers and policy makers are expressing concerns about data privacy. He likes to say it’s concerned with small data rather than big data.

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