The Secret to “Enterprise-Grade” Digital Transformation [Upcoming Webinar]

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Date: Thursday, November 10, 2016
Time: Noon ET/ 9:00 am PT
Duration: 60 minutes (including Q&A)

The Secret to

Webinar on 11/10: The Secret to “Enterprise-Grade” Digital Transformation. Register now!


Digital transformation is all the rage today, impacting everyone from the C-suite to the Ops team. Customer pressure and a turbulent business environment are driving IT departments to adopt a broad array of cutting-edge computing technologies.

In this mad race to competitive advantage, however, pitfalls abound — immature technologies, archaic business processes, and a lack of visibility into the real-time behavior of businesses are impeding the path to success.

What’s missing? An “enterprise-grade” IT structure that places digital priorities into the heterogeneous, middleware-connected, legacy-heavy enterprise context.

Companies who effectively master mission-critical tools such as enterprise-grade transaction tracking and real-time application analytics will keep pace with — and remain in control of — the tide of change sweeping across their industries. Those who do not will stumble.

With decades of experience exploring the fast-changing landscape of IT technology, leading industry analyst and Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg will discuss what it means to be “enterprise-grade” and how businesses must leverage enterprise-grade technologies to pursue tangible business outcomes such as:

• More sophisticated and reliable real-time digital business services
• Greater alignment between IT analytics and business goals
• Improved compliance and fraud detection

Following Jason, Nastel Technologies’ Charley Rich will share several real-world customer examples where enterprise-grade transaction tracking and analytics capabilities resulted in better, game-changing business outcomes.


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Jason Bloomberg, is a leading industry analyst and globally recognized expert on agile digital transformation. He writes and speaks on how today’s disruptive enterprise technology trends support the digital professional’s business transformation goals.



Charley Rich, VP Product Management at Nastel Technologies and jKool has extensive experience in Big Data Analytics, SaaS, UI and APM.




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