The Future of Information Collection: JotForm Cards

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Annabel Maw

Annabel Maw, Marketing Communications Specialist, JotForm

The future is bright for business, but you probably already knew that.

Each new year ushers in developments, such as changes in technology, enhanced user experience and expertly designed products that open up opportunities for companies to become optimized and beat competitors in their industries.

JotForm knows the future is bright, and we also know that your company is probably doing just fine, especially if you’re reading this article. But why be just fine when you can be the best? Many factors make a company the top dog in an industry, but one you can’t do without is getting top-notch data. Data is, as we well know, the foundation of informed business decisions.

Our new product, JotForm Cards, is the key to unlocking the door of data troves. It’s a product that will get your organization the data it needs to succeed by changing the way you ask your customers for information.

Historically, information collection hasn’t been the easiest task for businesses. How can you get customers’ attention with a form? If you get their attention, how can you get them to fill it out? You succeed by asking nicely and offering incentives only sometimes.

Knowing this, we wanted to create a form for the future — one that meets respondents where they are now, while also creating a memorable experience for them.

We wanted to engage and motivate people to respond to your businesses’ questions so that ultimately you’re provided with valuable information that your company can use to listen, understand, and improve.

JotForm Cards differ from traditional forms because they’re simplified, motivational and entertaining. All these attributes really are possible in a form. We’ll show you how.

Each form begins with a welcome page that prompts users to click a START button just as they would do in a video game (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Click START

After the welcome page disappears, the user enters his or her email address and clicks Next (Figure 2). The questionnaire then begins. The customer immediately sees something different: There is only one question (Figure 3). In fact, there is always only one question per page, and this feature helps users focus on what’s being asked.

Figure 2 Enter your email address

Figure 3 Only one question appears on each page

As users progress through the form, a status bar tracks how far they’ve gone and shows how much they have left to go (Figure 4). Having a sense of length makes the form seem less daunting and motivates users to complete it.

Figure 4 A status bar shows how much of the questionnaire is left

If a user accidentally enters incorrect information, a “headshake” micro animation appears as if to say, “Not quite, try again,” making the experience like a person-to-person interaction.

Icons and emojis are also available feedback options that add a personable, friendly touch. Figure 5 shows icons used in a form, and Figure 6 shows emojis used in a form.

Figure 5 Icons used in a form

Figure 6 Emojis used in a form

JotForm Cards change the way you ask your customers for information. Instead of just filling out a form, the respondent engages in a pleasurable, memorable experience. The respondents are asked questions in a friendly way that encourages them to respond because it feels as if they’re interacting with a human, not a form. The more responses you get, the more data you’ll have. And the more data you have, the better and smarter your business decisions will be.

Annabel Maw is a Marketing Communications Specialist at JotForm, a popular online form-building tool based in San Francisco. Its simple drag-and-drop interface, along with conveniently sortable submission data, allows you to create forms and analyze their data without writing a single line of code. JotForm is the solution for online payments, contact forms, lead collection, surveys, registrations, applications, online booking, event registrations and more. Twitter: @AnnabelLMaw

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