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Romney and Obama

Presidential Debates Provide Living Laboratory for Marketers Studying Sentiment Analysis

by   |   October 19, 2012   |   Leave a comment

For those watching, the presidential debates have been full of drama, both on their TVs and on their digital devices. It is that second screen and the data generated by social media users, bloggers and forum participants that provides a living laboratory for sentiment analysis, and reinforces some fundamental lessons for marketers. Read More…

Improving the Effectiveness of Customer Sentiment Analysis

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Is this tweet positive or negative? “If I break/lose my iPhone 4s, I’m seriously going to commit suicide.” If you say that comment doesn’t sound the least bit “negative,” it proves one thing—you’re not software. Misclassification strikes at the heart of the uneasiness over sentiment analysis: While companies want insights from social media, they debate the accuracy of available tools. Experts in this article discuss techniques to elevate the results. Read More…

Unstructured Data All Around Us? Not Quite

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Let’s not worry about how much unstructured data lies out there, and how fast it’s growing. It’s only the data pertaining to your corporate goals and strategy that matters. Most of the “big data” that pertains to you is not totally unstructured. And it can be tamed, writes Rajan Chandras. Read More…