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From Hype To Reality: Targeting Success in Data-Driven Marketing

by   |   April 30, 2013   |   Leave a comment

The promise of data-driven marketing has two parts: different data sources and analytics will bring a better understanding of your target audience, and marketers will know how to get the right message about a product in front of the right Read More…

Mobile Touch Screens Call For Different Kind of Data Exploration

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Mobile phones and tablets are handy business tools. But if workers do business computing on touch-screen tablets, then they need to change the way they explore and analyze data. Without a two-button mouse, options and tools hidden in a cascading Read More…

Hadoop System Developers Carry on Quest for Real-Time Queries

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As it stands now, a system built just on Hadoop isn’t equipped to produce analyzed data in real time. The technology at the heart of Hadoop, a distributed file system that’s scanned in the batch computing process MapReduce, can’t deliver insights on data while it’s collected. It’s clear there is plenty of brain power pointed towards that problem. Read More…