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Focus On: Human Resources Analytics

by   |   February 10, 2014   |   Leave a comment

The potential for analytics in the hands of human resources executives is clear: With data about employees’ performance, satisfaction and compensation, and insight about business needs, the executives can make better decisions about rewarding, retaining and hiring staff. As with Read More…

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Focus On: Marketing Analytics

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Listen to Dennis Dunlap, the outgoing CEO of the American Marketing Association, list key developments affecting CMOs and their teams in recent years, and notice how many involve data: “The rise of digital marketing. The integration of social media channels. Read More…

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Focus On: Health Care Analytics

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Focusing on applications and use cases of analytics in the U.S. health care industry provides a clear window into the opportunities and challenges for big data analytics. The datasets involved are large and diverse. The business processes must follow important regulations. And the people who manage those processes have years of specialized training. Read More…