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How Measuring Price Elasticity Eliminates the Guesswork in B2B Pricing

by   |   October 31, 2013   |   Leave a comment

Pricing optimization depends on measuring the elasticity of demand, and many B2B companies wrongly assume they lack the data to do it right, writes Barrett Thompson of Zilliant in this opinion article. Carefully analyzing transaction data of different customer segments can move businesses from uncovering mistakes in the past to more predictive pricing models. Read More…

Guide to B2B Pricing Analytics

by   |   September 11, 2013   |   3 Comments

Spend any time listening to vendors of B2B pricing analytics solutions, and their pitches can be compelling. Readily peppered with phrases such as “scientific analysis,” “big data,” and “profit optimization,” they paint an alluring picture of growing revenues and accelerating Read More…