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Advanced Analytics Adoption Still Low, an Opportunity To Get Ahead

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Enterprises are still moving slowly to adopt predictive and advanced analytics systems, so companies looking for an advantage may be able to find one by turning their organizations away from decisions based on gut feelings and towards those based on Read More…

Avoiding Pitfalls in Predictive Analytics Models

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Predictive analytics enable better business decisions, but there are many pitfalls that can seriously skew the results. Enterprises can avoid such pitfalls through a careful analysis of the data combined with modeling techniques that do not place too much emphasis on variables that may be noise, writes Venkat Viswanathan of LatentView. Read More…

Romney and Obama

Two Very Different Predictive Models for the Presidential Election

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Business analysts would do well to pay attention to the scrutiny that election prediction models engender. While the readouts from a customer analytics project won’t rival the passions generated by a close contest for the White House, there are two important takeaways from the political fray. First, the audience for your predictions needs to understand the terms you use to communicate your findings. Second, you need to be ready to defend your model against loud criticism. Read More…