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How to Innovate Using Multi-Source, Multi-Structured Data

by   |   July 22, 2014   |   Leave a comment

Products and services leveraging multi-source, semi-structured data allow businesses to compete better and function more efficiently, but analyzing heterogeneous data presents challenges to conventional relational databases. In this opinion piece, Harmeek Bedi of BitYoda writes that the solution is a new class of cloud-based Data Warehouse Service designed for fast, low-latency analytics. Read More…

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Optimize Your Big Data to Create Opportunities for Advanced Analytics

by   |   December 4, 2013   |   2 Comments

The volume of data that organizations have amassed calls for new methods to identify relevant data and to extract actionable insights. While the technologies like Hadoop are in their infancy, they provide the opportunity to begin cost-effective initiatives to discover new insights, write Capgemini’s Scott H. Schlesinger and Dorman Bazzell. Read More…