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How to Innovate Using Multi-Source, Multi-Structured Data

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Products and services leveraging multi-source, semi-structured data allow businesses to compete better and function more efficiently, but analyzing heterogeneous data presents challenges to conventional relational databases. In this opinion piece, Harmeek Bedi of BitYota writes that the solution is a new class of cloud-based Data Warehouse Service designed for fast, low-latency analytics. Read More…

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Analytics Leaders Discuss Care and Feeding of a Successful Data Team

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Analytics team leaders from a variety of industries gathered at the INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research this week for a panel discussion on how to build a well-rounded data-analytics team and manage data professionals: where to position them; how to keep them challenged, engaged and motivated; and what it takes to lead them. Read More…

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Focus On: Analytics Skills

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The rising profile of people who can execute in a data-driven business environment has generated pronouncements that the data scientist is “the sexiest job of the 21st century,” and launched a number of new graduate school programs. Here, Data Informed collects a series of articles from our recent coverage on recruiting, organizing and leading people with analytics talent. Read More…