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Market and Business Drivers for Big Data Analytics

by   |   September 16, 2012   |   4 Comments

To best understand what “big data” can mean to your organization, start by understanding the conditions that has led to its growing acceptance. In this article, the first in a series, David Loshin explains the economic drivers that make new analytics applications worth evaluating given today’s exploding data volumes, and the technology innovations that make such systems more accessible to more companies. Read More…

How a Small Data Error Becomes a Big Data Quality Problem

by   |   September 3, 2012   |   2 Comments

Data quality problems often begin with a tiny mistake in one part of the organization, but the butterfly effect can produce disastrous results, making its way through CRM, ERP, billing, data warehouse and other enterprise systems, writes Steve Sarsfield of Talend in this opinion article. Trustworthy data motivates people to harness the information in new ways, giving rise to fresh ideas. Read More…

Unstructured Data All Around Us? Not Quite

by   |   July 25, 2012   |   Leave a comment

Let’s not worry about how much unstructured data lies out there, and how fast it’s growing. It’s only the data pertaining to your corporate goals and strategy that matters. Most of the “big data” that pertains to you is not totally unstructured. And it can be tamed, writes Rajan Chandras. Read More…