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SAS VP Randy Guard on Making Advanced Analytics Easy To Use

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Analytics aren’t just for analysts anymore now that businesses are buying in to the value of their data. So SAS, a company that has made its mark in statistical analysis software, is connecting its products to a visual user interface Read More…

SAS CEO Jim Goodnight on Modernizing Analytics for Massively Parallel Systems

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Modern analytics are fast, no matter the size of the data you’re crunching, so analysts can run several iterations of their models and reach insights more quickly than using systems of the past. In the past three years, Jim Goodnight, the CEO Read More…

Will Hakes of Link Analytics

New Data Era Requires New Skills for Analysts, New Attitudes for Managers

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It’s the first inning in the era of big data analytics, and the technologies and methodologies to pull value out of big data are viable and readily available. But in order to succeed in the game, according to Link Analytics CEO Will Hakes, there are a lot of changes that need to be made in the corporate and academic world to adopt the necessary skills and mindsets to take advantage of big data analytics. Read More…

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Retailers, Experts Cite Challenges to Implementing Big Data Analytics

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Gathering customer data isn’t a problem for Tuesday Morning. The company has access to information from sources like its new loyalty program, its new e-commerce platform, and social networks like Facebook and Pinterest. But Grant Anderson, the company’s vice president of IT merchandising systems, said that converging all this data is the next big challenge for the deep discount, off-price retailer. Read More…

Max Jolly of Dunnhumby

7 Best Practices for Retail Analytics Projects

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The best retail analytics projects guide business decisions by providing compelling insights into consumer behavior. But because these projects are so strategic—and so challenging—experts in the field say it pays to follow these best practices. The benefits outweigh the costs—and should lead to profitable gains. Read More…

Dollar General uses 1010data to track the contents of shopping baskets to analyze correlations among consumer choices.

1010data Offers Data Warehouse-as-a-Service for Analytics Queries

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Among the strengths of the spreadsheet: many business users already know how to interpret numbers on one. 1010data takes this idea and expands it exponentially. The company’s software-as-a-service data warehouse provides fast-response queries to datasets that contain hundreds of billions of rows, serving up results via a Web browser into familiar formats including Microsoft Excel. Read More…