Splunk Shows Machine Data Not Just For IT Anymore

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Splunk has had a big year. In 2012 the San Francisco-based company launched a successful IPO valuing the company at more than $3 billion, added hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies to its customer list, and launched the newest version of its main product.

The company built that success by expanding its machine language processing application to appeal to users in addition to the traditional systems and database administrators who track application performance. By combining several data streams, Splunk has generated a range of big data analytics user cases that bring insights to business users in marketing, sales, finance and information security.

On December 10, Data Informed Staff Writer Ian B. Murphy visited the Splunk headquarters in San Francisco to learn how Web log data, transactional history, sensor data and social media can be combined to help guide business decisions.

Email Staff Writer Ian B. Murphy at ian.murphy@wispubs.com.

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