Python Brings Simplicity to Big Data Analytics

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Peter Wang, President and Co-Founder of Continuum Analytics

Python’s growing programmer community believes the simple coding language is the next big open-source project to work with big data.

Peter Wang, the co-founder and president of enterprise Python distributor Continuum Analytics, said Python can already run advanced statistical models, machine learning programs, sentiment analysis and visualizations. It’s simple structure means users can reduce thousands of lines of code into dozens by switching over from legacy applications written in C, C++, Java and R.

Python has deep roots in companies like Google, Netflix and several Wall Street investment banks, and it plays well with Hadoop and the other technologies in that ecosystem, Wang said.

In this interview with Data Informed Staff Writer Ian B. Murphy, Wang discusses how Continuum is supporting the open source development of Python by creating premium code libraries to help streamline analytics coding, building a Python-to-machine-language compiler and creating a collaborative analytics platform called Wakari. (Podcast running time: 15:40)

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