Podcast : IBM’s James Kobielus on How to Implement Big Data

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There are hundreds of different big data analytics platforms to choose from in the marketplace, so choosing which is the right one for your company can be a daunting task. James Kobielus, IBM’s big data evangelist, said finding the right one requires a company to conduct a significant audit to determine which problems can be solved by these new technologies. A company also has to evaluate whether it has the in-house talent to use the product.

James Kobielus, IBM’s Big Data Evangelist

No two use cases are the same, Kobielus said, so that initial planning and evaluation is crucial. However a major part of capturing value from big data analytics involves exploration, so it’s not possible to know all the answers, or even all the questions, before digging into the data.

This is part two of an interview with Data Informed Staff Writer Ian B. Murphy. In part one, Kobeilus discussed the difference between traditional business intelligence projects and analyzing  a company’s ever-growing data resources. He also discussed how business executives, including CMOs and CIOs are driving big data implementations.

Kobielus recently joined IBM after serving as a research analyst at Forrester Research. He has worked in and around the IT industry since 1985.

The Big Data podcast recording has been edited for clarity.

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