Podcast : IBM’s James Kobielus on Getting Past Big Data Hype

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Big data is a well-hyped concept that can purportedly deliver wisdom and riches to those who know how to use it. IBM’s  James Kobielus, whose title is big data evangelist, said that while there is value in every company’s data no matter what size, not every company is ready to deal with storing and sorting dozens of terabytes of data–and not every company has to be doing so right away.

James Kobielus, IBM’s Big Data Evangelist

In part one of an interview with Data Informed Staff Writer Ian B. Murphy, Kobielus discusses the difference between traditional business intelligence projects and analyzing  a company’s ever-growing data resources. He also discusses how business executives, including CMOs and CIOs are driving big data implementations. (Podcast running time: 13:26.)

Kobielus recently joined IBM after serving as a research analyst at Forrester Research. He has worked in and around the IT industry since 1985.

The Big Data podcast recording has been edited for clarity.

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