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Shopping carts photo by code poet via Wikipedia

Focus On: Retail Analytics

by   |   June 25, 2013   |   1 Comment

It’s no secret that brick and mortar retailers have been playing catch up to their online counterparts. The surprise may just be that retailers acknowledge they are still doing so 18 years after went live. Online commerce has been Read More…

Certification Exam for Analytics Pros Covers Range of Specialties

by   |   January 14, 2013   |   Leave a comment

Candidates taking the INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) exam in early April must show they are ready to apply their general knowledge of analytical principles in an array of professional settings, according to some of the architects of the CAP program. In this article, you can try sample exam questions from each of the seven knowledge areas tested. Read More…

Rethink Your Org Chart for Big Data Analytics Teams

by   |   November 6, 2012   |   Leave a comment

Understand the difference between a traditional analytics team and one that’s set up to exploit big data by comparing bank tellers to orchestra musicians. Traditional teams are the tellers, taking users requests and handing out results. Orchestras employ a core group of musicians, but the conductor has to assemble teams to play a different pieces. The results depend on the musicians’ skills, knowledge and experience working together. Read More…

Starbucks has launched a project to enable customers buying goods using their smartphones using the Square payer application. Photo via Starbucks video.

A Potential Feast for Customer Analytics, Digital Wallets Face Challenges to Widespread Adoption

by   |   September 5, 2012   |   Leave a comment

Payments made from digital wallets carry a rich electronic signature: who you are, where you are, when you are making a transaction, and more promising rich analytics opportunities to connect retailers and consumers. But as a growing list of players—Starbucks, PayPal, Google, Discover, Wal-Mart—strive to make smartphones as good as cash, experts say there are several challenges industry must overcome to make digital wallets work. Read More…