“Techno QBert Texture,” by Patrick Hoesley, Creative Commons via Flickr

The Database Decision: A Guide

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As your organization collects more data — and wants to make better use of the data it’s already acquiring — you now have options that stretch far beyond traditional databases. Your choice of database technology will be dictated by your project’s parameters: how much data, how fast it arrives, the analysis you’ll do and whether you’ll use that analysis operationally or for making strategic decisions. Here is a guide to help you evaluate your options. Read More…

The above illustration shows a Tableau Software visualization connected to SAP Business Warehouse running on HANA.

Data Visualization Tools Rise in the SAP Ecosystem

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At the SAPPHIRE conference, leaders from SAP beat the loudest drums about their latest offerings in cloud computing, mobile applications and the performance of the HANA in-memory database. But an underlying theme of this year’s customer event is the rising value of data visualizations to present actionable insights to business decision-makers. Read More…