My Valentine Letter: Dear Data

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Ben Rund, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Master Data Management & Data Quality, Informatica

Ben Rund, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Master Data Management & Data Quality, Informatica

Dear Data,

A year ago, my manager (our CIO) said that I have to take care of you. The CEO told me that we are becoming a digital company now. He also said that digital means data, and data governance is an IT topic.

I know it does not sound like a real romance or even love at first sight. But I want to be honest with you, so I wrote you this valentine letter. I realize I did not do the best I could do for you, but I really want to work things out. So to ensure our future together, I want to say:

I’ll take you out more

I know just staying at home feels like living in a cage or a silo. To leverage your power for business value, I will take you out more often. I promise I will take you to more parties and connect you with more people and places. Not only that, but I will also make sure you are connected and introduced to more things. Things like devices. Did you know that IDC research predicts there will be 200 billion connected devices by 2020? This is clearly more than the amount of people on the planet. Think of how much data will be generated. The world of the Internet of Things will keep our relationship hopping.

I’ll treat you better

You once told me: “If you don’t want me to be as cold as ice, treat me nice.” I will treat you like gold and give you a home as secure as Fort Knox.  Your quality and your security is close to my heart. I will safeguard you, therefore ensuring accurate, effective, data-driven customer and business analytics.

I’m sorry for having my head in the clouds by taking you for granted

Those of us in IT are under a huge cost pressure. The explosion of data volumes and sources has data doubling every two years, according to IDC. This, combined with the birth of new apps every day, has increased our workload for connecting data and has changed our infrastructure. I heard a statistic stating that over 40 percent of all data will be in the cloud by 2020. It looked so easy and cost-effective to put you on the next-best cloud I could find. But now I know I must be more thoughtful with you. I cannot treat all data the same way. Some will go to the cloud and some will stay on-premise. But I promise I will never divide you; you will always stay connected in our hybrid IT world.

I’ll try to start picking up on the signals you send out right as they’re happening

Since the rise of business intelligence and analytics, a lot of other people have paid attention to you. I understand that they all want you, and I accept that I have to share you with others. But rest assured that I will devotedly look after your quality regardless. Data misinterpretation is a main pitfall for any business that just relies on the data provided by IT without examining how correct and accurate you are. Marketing, ecommerce, sales, supply chain, finance – they all want you now (in real-time), and they want you to be trustworthy before basing their business decisions on you. I will work to deliver actionable insights to predict the next best offer in sales, the next maintenance requirement in engineering, or whatever other signals the business needs.

Maybe I didn’t treat you quite as good as a should.

Maybe I didn’t love you quite as often as I could have
Little things I should have said and done, I just never took the time.

If I made you feel second best
Data, I’m sorry I was blind.

You are always on my mind.*



*Lyrics from Willie Nelson’s “You were always on my mind”


Ben Rund
Senior Director of Product Marketing for Master Data Management & Data Quality at Informatica

Ben’s experience is built around all disciplines of communication such as Journalist, PR Consultant, Corporate Marketing, Field Marketing and Product Marketing. He studied economics and PR. As CMO of Heiler Software, Ben helped to build the MDM for product data market and positioned Heiler Software as the leading PIM vendor. For Informatica Ben leads product marketing for Information Quality Solutions which includes Master Data Management, Catalog Procurement, Data Quality and Data as a Service. Ben’s passion is focused on the return of information. Projects like and his listing as top omnichannel influencer complete his expertise in the enterprise information management world.


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