How Data Management Leads to Advanced Web Analytics

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Phil Kemelor

Phil Kemelor

There is a wealth of information being generated every time a customer browses a company’s website. But many businesses aren’t collecting that information, and those that are often don’t use it to better understand who is coming to their website and why.

That is a lost opportunity to segment your customers and create better content or products to engage them, according to Phil Kemelor, Semphonic’s vice president of strategic analytics. Worse, without Web analytics, executives could be making wrongheaded marketing decisions.

By tracking and analyzing how people interact with the site through information like geolocation, what devices are being used to read the site, and clickstream data, companies can get a clearer picture on whether they are reaching their target audience.


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Semphonic has created a Web analytics road map to help companies understand the steps towards a comprehensive program.

In this interview with Celia Hamilton, Kemelor discusses the data management foundation required to put together an advanced web analytics program and the steps a company can take to go from basic reporting to micro-segmentation and personalized marketing campaigns. (Podcast length: 17:29)


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