KXEN Seeks to Democratize Predictive Analytics

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Creating predictive models requires an understanding of advanced statistics. Most people can’t do it, and those who can could use someone to do the grunt work.

John Ball, CEO of predictive analytics company KXEN, said that’s where his company comes in. The San Francisco-based company’s product does the data analysis and preparation, builds the model and deploys it. Those steps are about two thirds of data mining, Ball estimates, and by automating the process can improve a data scientist’s productivity by a factor of 10.

Now KXEN is building predictive analytics applications for other platforms. On March 14 the company announced its first two apps built for Salesforce.com. The applications use predictive analytics to help sales and customer relations employees with sales lead scoring and cross-sell and up-sell guidance, leading them to the next best action.

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