Kognitio CEO Millard is Bullish on In-Memory

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At its annual mega-conference SAPPHIRE, industry giant SAP held up its in memory platform HANA as the wave of the future, allowing customers to do real-time data analytics much faster through a massively parallel processing (MPP) system.

But British company Kognitio has being building its own real-time analytics platforms since 1989, and its executives couldn’t be more excited to ride in SAP’s wake, offering what they believe is a cheaper, faster alternative.

Kognitio CEO Steve Millard

“What we have always done well, they are now evangelizing and building the market for us,” said Kognitio CEO Steve Millard. “We don’t have to convince people that in-memory is a space they need to be in, because SAP is doing that for me. Now we have the market that we essentially invented that SAP is validating where we can go in there and start running the market, and running the table.”

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Millard, who describes himself as “the ugly American” at a “polite English company” said a confluence of events have brought the market right into his company’s sweet spot: Data is growing exponentially, memory is cheaper than ever, companies are wary of big capital expenses and a new breed of small and medium sized companies that are data-rich are looking for a way to crunch their big data analytical problems quickly.

“We certainly want to work with large companies, and we’ve got our fair share of engagements with them, but our focus is to really drive that whole new wave of computing down to a level where before (those businesses) weren’t able to participate,” he said. “Now we see it going down market. It’s going into the small- and medium-sized businesses.

“We leave the data warehousing to the companies that are bigger, and provide the heft in that space,” Millard said. “What we’re looking for is that middle layer, between the answer sets and the warehouse world. We’re the ones that provide the horsepower, the oomph.”

Millard said Kognitio’s three-tiered approach – software, hardware and cloud-based – to providing an in-memory “rocket booster” for data analytics will work for any sized company, but it’s the cloud based technology that has smaller enterprises calling.

Millard said nearly 80 percent of the company’s new opportunities are cloud based, and he’s targeting businesses that are in venture capital portfolios with young data professionals who understand the power of their data.

“During the financial crisis budgets were frozen everywhere, across the board for customers, and capital expenditures dropped through the floor,” Millard said. “A cloud expenditure is typically an operating expense: it’s off balance sheet. It gives an organization big or small the chance to pay by the drink, to pay for the (business intelligence) performance and the analytical accelerator that we offer only by what they use.”

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