Podcast : IBM: Firms Looking to External Data Sources

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Inhi Cho Suh of IBM

Inhi Cho Suh of IBM

While the primary datasets used in many big data analytics projects are from transactional systems, enterprises are expecting to see external sources of data rise in importance, says Inhi Cho Suh, IBM’s vice president of big data, integration and governance.

Companies across industries, from consumer-facing businesses scanning social media data to industrial and health care organizations capturing data from machines and sensors, see opportunities to make more and better use of analytics. In this Data Informed analytics podcast, Suh talks about the opportunities and challenge of integrating external data sources into analytics.

In this wide-ranging discussion about implementing big data analytics conducted on February 11, Suh also talks about what researchers and IBM’s clients find is the proper mix of people, business processes and technologies it takes to succeed, and about managing risks such as data quality and customer privacy.

“The culture piece can’t be underestimated,” Suh says. “And the culture piece is about everyone in the organization being analytics and data driven and stepping away from gut [instincts].”

The conversation begins with Suh explaining why companies see opportunities in external data sources.

Michael Goldberg is the editor of Data Informed. Email him at Michael.Goldberg@wispubs.com.

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