Hortonworks Pursues Enterprise Hadoop Adoption Through ‘100 Percent Open Source’

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Herb Cunitz, President of Hortonworks.

Herb Cunitz, President of Hortonworks.

Two of the best ways to ensure Hadoop’s wide adoption in enterprise: Partner with data industry giants that have products most companies are already using, and make the distributed data storage and computing system 100 percent open source.

Those are the strategies that Herb Cunitz, the president of Hortonworks, is pursuing to make sure Hadoop succeeds in the top businesses in the world. When Hadoop succeeds, Hortonworks does too, he says.

Cunitz said that making Hadoop truly open source, where every improvement is available to the community, will prevent users feeling locked in. It avoids players in the Hadoop ecosystem from having to create complicated connectors, or products that don’t work with other distributions. By pursuing this approach, Cunitz says his company can focus on service and support, and on creating more innovative tools to enrich Hadoop.

In this interview with Data Informed Staff Writer Ian B. Murphy, Cunitz discusses Hadoop’s current maturity level, what the landscape will look like for Hadoop adoption in 2013, and why Hadoop should herald a new era of 100 percent open source development. (Podcast running time: 17:40)

Email Staff Writer Ian B. Murphy at ian.murphy@wispubs.com. Check out other Big Data podcasts from Data Informed.

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