Google Starts Building Cloud Partner Ecosystem

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Google took a step towards challenging other infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers like Amazon Web Services and Rackspace by bolstering its cloud ecosystem, announcing 47 technical and service partners.

In unveiling the program on July 24, Google has integrated its four cloud offerings, Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, App Engine and BigQuery, with technical partners who can help their customers migrate their data to cloud services, and consulting partners who can help implement these projects.

The reason is simple. Google’s cloud offerings do not offer much in the way of a user interface, said Google spokeswoman Elizabeth Markman. “Our true power is doing cloud analysis really fast. We’ve worked with these technology partners to provide things that customers said they wanted. It’s mutually beneficial for all parties, and we’re looking to add more partners going forwards.”

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Google’s budding ecosystem is small compared to a leader in the field, Amazon Web Services, which lists 460 technology partners and 469 consulting partners.

But Google’s new allies say the momentum has been building for their involvement since the search engine company announced its Big Query service as a beta version last fall. Big Query went live in May.

One of Google’s technical partners, data integration company Informatica, quickly built connectors after Google contacted them. Darren Cunningham, the vice president of Informatica cloud marketing, said working with Google on data integration efforts helps his company position itself as a strong platform as a service (PaaS). For Google, he added, the partnership is a chance to reach business decision-makers with BigQuery.  “They want to get more of that enterprise audience and are talking to people who are doing some heavy lifting in the BI analytical space,” he said.

Cunningham said Informatica also has a very close working relationship with, and CloudFoundry, VMWare’s open source platform-as-a-service.

Ben Connors, worldwide head of partnerships at Jaspersoft, said it was his customers who asked specifically for the company, a maker of analytics and data visualization tools, to integrate with Big Query. “We contacted Google, and they were very receptive,” he said. “Big Query is at the intersection of two tsunamis, and that’s cloud computing, and big data. It doesn’t hurt to have the Google label right on the box.”

Jaspersoft also works with CloudFoundry and Red Hat’s OpenShift PaaS offering, as well as IaaS providers Amazon Web Services and GoGrid.

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