Focus On: Operational Analytics

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Operational Analytics enable you to run your company more efficiently. These applications help decision-makers identify process bottlenecks, map where costs really occur across an enterprise, and pinpoint potential savings.

Use cases range from supply chain management – improving insights into supply and demand and distribution networks—to areas of risk management, equipment maintenance, facilities operations and site selections.

Below, find highlights from Data Informed’s coverage of analytics applications, technologies and use cases that focus on Operational Analytics.

Apache Oil Rig managed with Operational AnalyticsUnderground Analytics: The Value in Predicting When an Oil Pump Fails

A combination of data mining and applied predictive analytics is allowing Apache Corp. to be more proactive in its pursuit of improved reliability of its electrical submersible pumps, reducing production losses and increasing output. Read more.

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How Warehouse Simulations Inform Supply Chain Choices

Wix Filters is among the manufacturers using simulations and robots to optimize warehouse performance. Read more.

Visibility into Real-Time Sales Data Keeps Sandwiches Moving for Manufacturer Greencore

Greencore, a U.K. fresh food manufacturer, gets real-time sales data to provide visibility into its retail customers’ shelves, improving sales and reducing waste.  Read more.

Risk Managers Visualize Fresh Correlations by Analyzing Location Data

Risk managers discuss how to combine location data with risk management assessments.  Read more.

How UPS Trains Front-Line Workers to Use Predictive Analytics

The payoff from investments in predictive and prescriptive analytics comes when front-line workers use the findings to make better business decisions. Read more.

The Role of Analytics in the Race for the Supply Chain of the Future

Modernizing global supply chains is about outside-in processes that sense and translate market-to-market and managing products from their manufacture to their end use, writes supply chain expert Lora Cecere. Read more.

Precision Agriculture: Deere Gets Farm Data from the Tractor to the Web

John Deere & Company has been a leader in bringing high-tech to the farm field—often referred to as precision agriculture–and it just announced its Wireless Data Transfer, which builds on the company’s existing offerings. Read more.

McDonalds-Broken-Arrow-OK 224x136McDonald’s Moves to Franchise-Level Analytics to Elevate Performance

The fast-food chain is analyzing point-of-sale data, video analytics and 3D simulations of traffic patterns to improve traffic flow and efficiency, thereby improving customer experience and McDonald’s bottom line. Read more.

What Big Data Means to BPM: More Event Sensors, Process Simulations

New data sources mean new opportunities to analyze processes more deeply and to simulate potential improvements in business process management (BPM), says Nathaniel Palmer, a veteran practitioner and author. Read more.

5 Steps Supply Chain Executives Can Take to Harness Big Data

To drive forward with the opportunity presented by big datasets and associated technologies, supply chain executives must bypass the hype and focus on how these new capabilities can redefine their understanding of what their customers demand, writes Lora Cecere.  Read more.

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How Autometrics Built a Demand Sensing Model with Hundreds of Datasets

A business model emerges from combining data from many consumer websites to predict demand for specific cars. Read more.

Data-Driven Location Choices Drive Latest Starbucks Surge

Starbucks executives say their latest major expansion plan makes better use of location analytics than an earlier effort begun before the 2008 recession. Read more.

Effective Manufacturing Analytics Requires Cross Functional Data Sharing

Supply chain consultant Bob Burrows, author of The Market-Driven Supply Chain, discusses what goes wrong with manufacturers’ sales and operations planning processes and how to address those problems. Read more.

Oracle Survey: Skills Shortage Hurts Utilities Smart Grid Efforts

A second annual survey shows that more North American electrical utilities are using smart grid data, but a skills shortage has slowed adoption. Read more.

L'Oreal Body Shop stores benefit from Supply Chain AnalyticsInside L’Oréal’s Plans to Implement Global Supply Chain Analytics

At cosmetics manufacturer L’Oréal, a pilot implementation of a supply chain collaboration initiative has been given the green light for a global rollout.  Read more.

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Predictive Models Guide Fighter Jet Maintenance for RAF Squadrons

The Royal Air Force finds it pays to anticipate when it’s time to replace expensive mechanical parts when your pilots are about to patrol a no-fly zone. Read more.

SAP’s SmartOps Acquisition Signals Move to Add Demand Sensing to HANA for Supply Chain Management

Raising the stakes of its in-memory database and analytics technology, SAP said it would make available its in-memory HANA technology alongside – and incorporated within – the Business Suite ERP system for which the company is famous.  Read more.

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GE Analytics System for Utilities Integrates Diverse Datasets to Pinpoint Power Outages

Using a wide variety of data sources – including government-sourced weather data, grid monitoring devices, smart meters, satellite imagery, and social media content – GE Digital Energy’s Grid IQ Insight analytics product aims to help utilities pinpoint the locations and causes of power outages faster than conventional techniques.  Read more.

IBM Unveils Predictive Analytics for Machine, Equipment Maintenance

IBM said a new software and consulting service would harvest and analyze large datasets in order to minimize the threat of equipment failure. Read more.

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