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Listen to Dennis Dunlap, the outgoing CEO of the American Marketing Association, list key developments affecting CMOs and their teams in recent years, and notice how many involve data:

“The rise of digital marketing. The integration of social media channels. The value of content and the creation, curation and marketing of content. Greater inbound marketing activity. The surge of mobile worldwide. The push on customer data integration, analysis, insights and actions to drive more targeted and personalized offerings and communications. And increased emphasis on customer engagement and retention. So much change so fast,” Dunlap says in the organization’s December newsletter.

And the change is not over, Dunlap adds, as customers continue to gain influence with marketers and new technologies emerge.

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Marketers have embraced big data analytics as a way to evaluate their customer relationships, assess how their brands resonate in the marketplace and determine how to best target the right customers. The activity cuts across industries, and spills over into other functions, including sales and IT, with implementations influencing not only involving technology choices, but changes to business processes.

Below, find highlights from Data Informed’s coverage of marketing analytics, including technology trends, use cases and considerations for business decision-makers.

Three Fresh Rules for Sales and Marketing in the Age of Analytics

There has always been a need for marketing and sales to work well together, but the amorphous buying journeys business-to-business customers are taking today are necessitating even greater collaboration. Read more.

5 Questions Social Media Marketing Analytics Can Answer

By analyzing social media conversations – and watching what content people are sharing – analysts can answer a number of practical marketing-related questions. Read more.

The Challenges and Benefits of Aligning Marketing and IT for Analytics

Hear that sound? It’s the stampede of marketers running into the information technology space. They need data analytics tools to do their jobs better, and with all the pressure they’re getting from the C-suite to show results, they’re in a hurry. Read more.

Opinion: For Marketing, Big Data Has No Value Without ‘Big Measurement’

Big data only has value when it is accompanied by “Big Measurement” that challenges marketing organizations to use new data insights in ways that make a positive impact on key performance indicators, argues Martin Smith in this opinion article. Read more.

How Online Retailer Chose a Customer Analytics

For a long time the culinary ecommerce company shared a problem faced by so many businesses today: It had tons of information about customers—15 years’ worth since its founding and more streaming in every day—but it couldn’t extract the treasures from its trove to market itself more effectively. Read more.

Marketers Need to Set Real-Time Data Clock to Fit Strategic Goals

When business intelligence startup Domo recently asked 301 marketers about their data needs, 83 percent of respondents stressed the importance of real-time marketing data, and only 37 percent said they could actually access the data they need in real time. How marketers define “real-time” matters, however. Read more.

Opinion: A Real-Time Mind-Set for Marketing

In discussing enterprise marketing strategy, don’t use the word “social,” writes author David Meerman Scott in this opinion piece. Instead, substitute “real-time.” Read more.

Orlando Magic Applies Analytics to Retain Season Ticket Holders

The Orlando Magic is gaining a reputation for being at the forefront of using data analytics to retain season ticket holders. Read more.

Opinion: How Big Data Can Solve Marketers’ Social Engagement Challenges

For marketers to facilitate true customer engagement requires an approach that captures both big and small customer data, and derives insights from it to automatically drive the correct action in a way that’s timely and relevant to the customer and the channel she’s using, writes Carol Wolicki of RedPoint Global. Read more.

Mickey Mouse at Disney World by Richard Stephenson via Flickr 224x136My Experience with Disney’s MyMagic+ Customer Engagement System

The Walt Disney Company’s latest self-described “collection of magical tools” is designed to lift customer experiences like Tinker Bell’s pixie dust and Aladdin’s flying carpet. Here is an account from one of those customers. Read more.

Effective Customer Analytics Call for Data Integration, Culture Shifts

Today, many marketing organizations are finally exploiting the vast potential of their data to better listen to customers and strengthen relationships by creating offers and experiences that are more relevant and engaging. It’s all part of a quest to win customers’ loyalty and dollars. A recent conference shows that enterprises are moving at different speeds toward this goal. Read more.

How Marketers Use Game Mechanics to Engage Consumers and Analyze Behavior

Online games engage customers, and companies can analyze the online actions to determine which users are their most vocal advocates, which customers may be part of a new segment interested in a new topic, and which products are attracting the most interest. Read more.

Analytics of Customer Data Drives Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Hertz and other companies at a Teradata conference discussed how they are using vast amounts of data to make marketing more relevant and timely. Read more.

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5 Pitfalls with Email Marketing Campaigns—and Ways to Get Around Them

Marketers face an imperative to tailor emails using data they’ve collected about subscribers, including website behavior, purchasing history, and engagement with email. Consider these five mistakes data-rich marketers should never make. Read more.

Marketers Integrate Customer Experience Data in Drive to Grow Revenue

EDA is in the market intelligence business – it sells data subscriptions to organizations that make, sell, service or finance equipment in industries like agriculture and construction. But prior to the spring of 2012, EDA was missing critical pieces of intelligence about its own customers: Data relating to their usage of its tool. Read more.

Consumer Data Privacy and the Importance of a Social Contract

Ilana Westerman helps Fortune 500 companies hone their digital brands and spends a lot of time on privacy. In an interview, the CEO of Create With Context explains why she encourages clients to create a framework of trust with consumers and why understanding what consumers expect from the companies they do business with is a key element of that strategy. Read more.

Opinion: To Win Consumer Trust, You Need Transparent Data Collection Policies

What really scares people when they hear stories about data collected by the NSA, or even Google or Facebook, is the sense that they are not getting all the facts. Every organization should tell consumers details about their data collection programs to win consumer trust, argues Michael Nadeau, Data Informed’s publisher. Read more.

ConAgra’s Quest to Gain Actionable Insights from Social Media Data

Measuring how American shoppers consume media and marketing messages is an enormous challenge. Freddy Guard, director of advanced analytics at ConAgra Foods, Inc., discusses the company’s approach. Read more.

4 Approaches for Integrating Social Media Data with Enterprise Systems

Social data is most powerful when it’s combined with transactional data and other sources of information to give a comprehensive view of customers and business conditions. Relying too much on social data runs the risk of making decisions based on a partial view of a situation and missing important pieces of evidence. Read more.

Redbox image 224x136Redbox Finds New Kiosk Sites by Tracking DVD Rental Behavior Data

You might think that the best place to put a Redbox DVD rental kiosk would be at a retail store in a highly populated area with a lot of foot traffic. And that’s a fair assumption. The trickier question is: where do you put the next kiosk? Read more.

Retailers Use Analytics to Freshen Up Customer Loyalty Programs

Those really in love with brands are apt to become vocal advocates, and devoted customers are spenders. Yet, customer loyalty is becoming harder to win. Read more.

Indoor Location Holds Promise for Marketers’ Use of Customer Analytics

Brick-and-mortar retailers can now use technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and software in LED lights to talk with the smartphones of customers who are inside their stores or nearby. This new ability is enabling retailers to digitally engage with customers in real time like never before. Read more.

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Opinion: The Three Data Factors Driving Value in Performance-Based Advertising

Data-driven decision-making in the advertising industry is growing, and an examination of the role of performance-based pricing for online ads helps to show why, writes Malcolm Cowley of Performance Horizon Group. Read more.

Advertising Analytics Grows for Customer Targeting and Campaign

A Q&A with Dimitri Maex of OgilvyOne Worldwide, the customer engagement arm of Ogilvy & Mather. Read more.

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More Retailers View E-Receipts as Customer Relationship Channel

Retailers are increasingly offering customers the chance to receive a receipt digitally. E-receipts are eco-friendly, and may be harder to lose than slips of paper. But marketers also see them as messages requested by consumers that are more likely to stand out in a cluttered inbox. Read more.

Improving the Effectiveness of Customer Sentiment Analysis

Misclassification strikes at the heart of the uneasiness over sentiment analysis: While companies want insights from social media, they debate the accuracy of available tools. Experts in this article discuss techniques to elevate the results. Read more.

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Inside Wharton’s Research Center for Customer Analytics

When Tom Thomas, executive director of marketing intelligence for digital ad agency Organic, wanted to take his company’s customer conversion intelligence to the next level, he could have roped in some consultants. Instead, he called in the Ph.D.’s. Read more.

Land O’ Lakes Analytics Platform Sows Sales Growth with Farmers

Land O’ Lakes saw an opportunity to create a software product that would help growers buy the best seeds, and help its WinField unit and partners sell them to farmers. CIO Barry Libenson recounts the process that led to the analytics system’s implementation and rollout. Read more.

Analytics Target Purchase Influencers to Improve Email Marketing

Email, while not the flashiest of messaging vehicles, is still a valuable workhorse for many marketers. And yet, this channel continues to present unique challenges. Read more.

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Inside the Obama Campaign’s Big Data Analytics Culture

Behind the scenes, the Obama campaign was about creating an analytics culture so that everyone—from tens of thousands of field workers to more than 100 data analytics experts—collected data, measured outcomes and refined marketing, communications and fundraising programs to achieve results. Read more.

Marketing Analytics Focus of New Program at IIT Stuart School

The school began offering a Master of Science in Marketing Analytics and Communication degree in 2012. Read more.

Opinion: Data Research Pays Off at the London Olympics

The London Olympics showed how marketers can use data to deliver big insights, writes Olga Spaic of Metia. Read more.

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