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This whitepaper explores the evolution of storytelling throughout human history, focusing on how modern data visualization tools can be used to tell especially powerful stories with numbers. Learn about the impact of stories on human cognition, how data stories can be used to communicate with decision makers, and how your data stories can be used to impact lasting change in the world. Download the whitepaper today.

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Because all processes should be aligned to customer metrics, process improvement is an important goal for organizations in every industry. This paper illustrates the impact analytics can make on business processes through real-world examples based on IBM client experiences, and describes the steps organizations can take to refine quality, warranty, financial, inventory and other processes that are essential to achieving operational excellence.

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Empower marketing professionals to analyze and act on marketing performance data. This report explains how the IBM Marketing Performance Analytics solution can help them:
• Explore and interact with marketing performance metrics to generate driver-based campaign and program plans
• Access cross-channel campaign data from multiple data sources to unlock insights and support data-driven decision-making
• Simulate marketing scenarios to improve decision-making and optimize planning and budget allocations
• And more

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Turn marketing challenges into opportunities with marketing performance analytics. This paper describes the state of marketing today and covers the latest marketing imperatives. It then explains how marketing performance analytics can help marketers address and act on today’s pressures to optimally allocate marketing resources, quantify marketing returns and demonstrate accountability to the business.

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Discover the specific benefits IBM predictive maintenance solutions provide asset-intensive organizations. It is more important than ever to reduce operational costs to stay competitive. In this white paper, you’ll learn about predictive maintenance, the specific benefits it provides organizations, and how IBM Business Analytics software makes it possible.

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Maximize asset productivity and process efficiency by gaining insight from your data. Download this ebook to learn how to get the most from your physical assets.