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Self-Service Analytics Solutions
Sponsored by Information Builders

Many businesses are moving sales data, marketing data, financial data and even HR data to the cloud. But what about business analytics? And is it right for your business?

This paper explains why companies are also moving their business intelligence to the cloud.


Why Business Analytics in the Cloud?
Sponsored by Tableau

This paper provides 6 simple ways companies can offer the right user experience for every user to satisfy all information consumers’ needs in the way that best suits their style, with full data and decision integrity.


Analytics and IT: New Opportunity for CIOs
Sponsored by SAS

As a new era of analytics takes hold, a key characteristic is using analytics to automate IT tasks and decisions. In this Harvard Business Review paper, Tom Davenport describes the opportunity for greater use of analytics in IT, the eras of analytics and how IT will grow and change.


Interactive Analytics, Visualizations and Data Modeling on Large Hadoop Data Sets
Sponsored by Looker

Traditionally, Hadoop has been used as a cheap data storage and data processing option.

Hadoop scaled to the growth of business, but data analysis grew painfully slower and piping data into another data warehouse for analytics didn’t scale.

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can:

  • Leave the data where it is and scale with the cluster
  • Build a data model to create a single source of truth and reliable metrics
  • Allow for self-serve data exploration for entire company
  • Connect to both your Hadoop big data cluster and other data warehouse(s)
  • Integrate with Github for complete transparency and control


Operationalizing and Embedding Analytics for Action
Sponsored by SAS

In this report, find out the current strategies and future trends for embedding analytics into your organizational culture.


Dollar Shave Club: How an E-Commerce Upstart Trimmed Its Data Bottleneck
Sponsored by Looker

This case study shares how Dollar Shave Club solved its data bottleneck problem by providing departments around the company with direct access to the data they need.


Embedded Analytics In Action
Sponsored by Looker

This whitepaper explains how three companies — ISCS, Campus Logic, and Urban Airship — rapidly delivered business intelligence and analytics capabilities to their customers while managing costs and staying focused on core business priorities.


Fulfilling the Promise of Master Data Management with Customer Intelligence Management
Sponsored by AllSight

Download to understand the benefits of augmenting MDM systems with Customer Intelligence Management to deliver a complete customer view.


Stories of Success: How 6 Organizations Achieved Innovation with Data Visualization
Sponsored by SAS

Download to discover how self-service data visualization empowered:

  • A midsized home delivery business that discovered innovative ways to make its customers happy
  • A local government agency that was able to predict where its resources were needed most
  • A growing hospital that brought life-changing patient data directly to doctors and nurses
  • And more


Accelerate Data Preparation for Business Analytics
Sponsored by RedPoint

Download this comprehensive report and see how self-service and automated technologies help organizations reduce data preparation time.


Critical Capabilities for Data Quality Tools
Sponsored by RedPoint

See how 18 data management technology vendors stack up when comparing performance across the most significant use cases for data quality tools.


Portland State University Takes Performance Management to the Next Level [Case Study]
Sponsored by Prolifics

The finance team was leveraging Microsoft Excel to manage these key financial processes, and with Excel came all the usual challenges. Gathering and consolidating the required data from 50 separate departments/academic offices, among eight separate schools, was challenging – a manual and fragmented process that was inefficient, burdensome, and fraught with potential errors. PSU needed a modern, robust, and flexible planning and performance management system to meet the intense demands of the higher education industry.


Data Management and Governance Drives Better Performance [Case Study]
Sponsored by Prolifics

Read this customer case study to see how a US-based affiliate of a global pharmaceutical firm was able to create a centralized master data management system that consolidated customer data and enabled better decision-making, created efficiency and improved reporting accuracy.  Download this case study to discover the benefits of centralized MDM.


Hadoop Data Integration Benchmark Report
Sponsored by RedPoint

This new independent benchmark report from MCG Global Services compares the performance of data quality and data management workloads on Hadoop clusters using different approaches including MapReduce, Spark and YARN.


Is Your Business Strategy Becoming an Automation Strategy?
Sponsored by University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business

Download this whitepaper to learn more about developing an automation strategy, including:

– What comprises automation in a business
– How automation should be integrated into your business strategy
– How to follow a recommended framework for dividing the strategy development process
– What the difference is between formulation and execution

When you download you will also receive a $50 fee waiver when you apply to Notre Dame’s MS in Business Analytics, a one-year, part-time program in Chicago.


Innovation Driven by Strategy
Sponsored by SAS

Dive into how analytics technologies can be used for cybersecurity, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and more. Through powerful real-world examples, this whitepaper explores the use of innovative data analytics.


Modernizing Your Analytics Environment
Sponsored by SAS and Deloitte

In this whitepaper, learn the dramatic benefits of analytics modernization and hear case studies about the significant results companies have experienced by transforming their analytics platform, including simplified analytic modeling and faster customer insights.


Data Value Management: Data Value through Data Governance
Sponsored by Prolifics

Gartner predicts that 30 percent of businesses will be monetizing their information assets directly this year!  Unlike the traditional Data Governance approach, Data Value Management treats your data as a valuable corporate asset, not just data as information.  Customers can start their journey towards data monetization today, and realize real business value and benefits at each step.


10 Ways Data Preparation Can Help Excel
Sponsored by Datawatch

Up to 80 percent of all time spent on analytics is consumed by preparing data. Data is never perfect and, most of the time, you need to clean, enrich, and join multiple data sets to gain meaningful insight. Many analysts turn to Excel to perform these data-preparation functions, which can take hours or even days.


Data Preparation and the Evolution of Analytics
Sponsored by Datawatch

Once simply a set of activities designed to transform data into insight, the definition of business analytics has evolved and expanded. Users previously focused almost entirely on the front end of the analytics spectrum (reporting, dashboards, interactive visualization) today are getting involved in what is now termed data preparation – the back-end activities for data gathering, cleansing, and profiling, among other tasks.


How to Overcome Challenges in Complex Data
Sponsored by Sisense

The size of your data store and the number of disparate data sources are two key drivers of data complexity. And that complexity will continue to grow along with ever-expanding data volumes and sources. When considering a Business Analytics solution, it’s important to understand whether your data is Simple, Diversified, Big, or Complex. Download your copy of the Data Complexity Matrix.


Breakout Vendors: Big Data Integration [Forrester Report]
Sponsored by Looker

How are you going to get more value from your data lake? Most big data integration vendors focus on making classic processes faster with tools for moving data into a lake and working with it there.  The report will help enterprise architects think beyond classic big data integration and get ahead of the latest innovations.


Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study [Dresner Report]
Sponsored by Looker

Industry leader Howard Dresner asked users to share their feedback on every major Business intelligence tool and technology, including query and reporting, OLAP (online analytical processing), data mining and advanced analytics, end-user tools for ad hoc query and analysis, and dashboards for performance monitoring.


The Painful Reality of Customer Data Management
Sponsored by LexisNexis

The only way to gain control and stay ahead of changing data is a robust program to cleanse, link, enhance, review and monitor it.  Download this whitepaper to:

– Learn what poor data quality is costing organizations on an annual basis
– See the surprising ways in which inaccurate, outdated and unlinked customer data can impact virtually every department across the enterprise
– Get a data management checklist to help your organization better manage one of its most valuable assets


Anzo Smart Data Lake: Enterprise Graph-Based Data Discovery, Analytics and Governance
Sponsored by Cambridge Semantics

As the quantity and diversity of relevant data grow within and outside of the enterprise, business users and IT are struggling to extract maximum value from this data. Current approaches, including the rigid relational data warehouse and the unwieldy Hadoop-only Data Lake, are limited in their ability to provide business users and IT with the answers they need with the proper governance and security required.

Learn how The Anzo Smart Data Lake solves these problems and disrupts the way IT and business alike manage and analyze data at enterprise scale by introducing unprecedented flexibility, insight and speed.


Migrating Production Workloads to the Cloud: Is the Potential Worth the Risk?
Sponsored by IBM

Many IT and business leaders hesitate to migrate production workloads to the cloud. Why? Migrating complex workload applications to the cloud is a challenging process, and not all third-party clouds are appropriate for production workloads. These leaders are right to worry about challenges—from security to computing capabilities to global scaling.


How to Make the Shift from Traditional Analytics to Data Discovery
Sponsored by Deloitte

The modern-day digital revolution and the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IOT) are creating more data than ever seen before. The variety, complexity, and velocity of this data, and its many sources, are changing the way organizations operate.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the 7 trends driving the shift to data discovery.


The Critical Moment: Getting Operational Intelligence from Logs, Metrics, and Transactions
Sponsored by jKool

Read this whitepaper to learn how jKool technology analyzes and visualizes log file data, metrics and Java transactions in real-time, presenting this to DevOps teams on a single pane of glass. Staffers no longer have to piece together stories from disparate logs. Using jKool, Application Support staff will be able to diagnose most app problems without excessive developer involvement.


The Modern Database Landscape: Technology Innovations Power Convergence of Transactions and Analytics
Sponsored by MemSQL

Emerging database technologies are making Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) a reality. In this whitepaper, you will learn how HTAP can be applied to save on time and cost, while providing real-time insights that facilitate data-driven decision-making.