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Advanced Analytics – Transform Your Data into Business Value

In this webinar, learn how to accelerate your advanced analytics journey. Hear key insights and strategies to help you overcome challenges that have been faced by other organizations across multiple industries who took the journey toward advanced analytics from traditional BI/DW. Explore how, in this highly competitive and digitally optimized market, these 2 factors have been the main driving force behind an organization’s success:

– The genuine interest/desire in treating data as an asset
– Analytical decision making by employing advanced uses of data


Embedded Analytics: A New Approach for Getting Value From Your Data

Embedded analytics is not new, but the technology for integrating charts, reports, dashboards, and self-service exploration has evolved considerably in the past 5 years.

Today, companies in every industry are strengthening relations with customers and suppliers by productizing their data to make it accessible where people need it, when people need it.  In this on-demand webinar you’ll learn about:

– The evolution of embedded analytics
– Applications and use cases for embedded analytics
– Whether to build or buy analytics to embed in applications
– Technology today that is making it possible to monetize data


How to identify and track customers across platforms with a universal ID

In an economy where customer attention is fleeting, expectations are constantly changing, and competitors are just a click or a tap away, understanding customer behavior is critical. Before you can dive into any kind of advanced customer behavior analysis, however, you must ensure that you are counting each customer once and only once ― a difficult task, especially with customer touchpoints ranging across a variety of devices and website domains. So how do you accurately identify your customers?

In this webinar, Erin Franz, data analyst from Looker, and Julie-Jennifer Nguyen, Product Marketing Manager at Segment, show you how to determine if you are correctly counting your customers and how to create a universal user ID for customers across touchpoints.


How to create powerful visualizations to explore, share, and analyze data

Organizations need a way to get extremely fast insight from any size data and share it with co-workers of varying skill sets — wherever they happen to be.

In this webinar, learn how to create data visualizations that let everyone — even those without significant analytics skills — explore and analyze data. Users can quickly see connections and correlations, then immediately share results via the Microsoft Office tools they use every day.

Register for this webinar to examine:

• How common Microsoft Office tools infused with SAS® Visual Analytics capabilities can help you quickly visualize very large amounts of data and share easy-to-understand analytics insight via the web, mobile devices, and Microsoft applications
• How to empower analysts with data preparation and analytics within a familiar environment
• Ways to explore data and glean insight that surpass traditional visualization and reporting, allowing recipients to slice


Get Modernized: 5 Steps to Better Analytics

While analytics is not new to business, the technology available today for supporting analytics is new. It has led to a dramatic increase in the speed and scale with which analytics can be performed and integrated with business processes. Missed opportunities to modernize your analytics technology can result in substantial time and resource costs, and can have a significant impact on the quality of your business decisions.

In this webinar, Tom Davenport, renowned analytics author, along with analytics leaders from Deloitte, SAS, and Intel, share strategies and steps for modernizing analytics. You can learn how to:

• Evaluate the analytics solutions that are available today
• Avoid the risks faced by organizations that are a step behind their competitors due to outdated technology
• Get started on the path to analytic modernization by following five critical steps


Analytical Success: Making Smarter Business Decisions From Your Data

Data has become a critical asset for any business in any industry. However, data alone will not drive improved decision-making or better business performance. What is needed is the right data and the right analytics to turn data into business value. Many organizations simply feel lost within the endless data sources and analytics approaches they now have access to because they lack an actionable strategy for using analytical insights to drive better decision-making and performance improvements.

This one-hour webinar will explore the development of an analytics strategy that enables the behavioral changes and operational transformation necessary to gain the competitive upper hand on your data. Attend this webinar to:

• Understand why data and analytics are a competitive differentiator in every industry
• Learn how leading companies turn data into real value
• Discover how to apply analytics more strategically to deliver tangible business results
• Become aware of the key pitfalls to avoid in data and analytics projects


The Secret to “Enterprise-Grade” Digital Transformation

With decades of experience exploring the fast-changing landscape of IT technology, leading industry analyst and Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg will discuss what it means to be “enterprise-grade” and how businesses must leverage enterprise-grade technologies to pursue tangible business outcomes such as:

• More sophisticated and reliable real-time digital business services
• Greater alignment between IT analytics and business goals
• Improved compliance and fraud detection

Following Jason, Nastel Technologies’ Charley Rich will share several real-world customer examples where enterprise-grade transaction tracking and analytics capabilities resulted in better, game-changing business outcomes.


Gain Extreme Agility and Performance Using a Spark-free Approach to Data Management

Businesses are clamoring to capture all data possible and harness it as a revenue driver. The challenge is bringing the data together. Companies that can capture and harness this data can benefit accordingly.

When it comes to data management in Hadoop, the architecture foundation makes all the difference for performance. Jake Dolezal shares his research into the performance of data quality and data management workloads on Hadoop clusters. Jake discusses a YARN-based approach to data management and outlines highly effective IT resource utilization techniques to achieve extreme agility for organizations and performance gains in Hadoop.

All attendees will receive a free copy of the report “Hadoop Data Integration Benchmark” published by MCG Global Services.