Democratize Information Access with Data Integration [Podcast]

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Sean Keenan, co-founder and VP of Products, UNIFi Software

Sean Keenan, co-founder and VP of Products, UNIFi Software

It’s one thing to talk about being a data-driven enterprise, democratization, and having a culture of information sharing. But mindset isn’t enough. To actually do it requires having the right technology in place that puts actionable information – clean, normalized, and integrated data – in the hands of analysts and decision makers at the moment that information is meaningful.

In this podcast, Sean Keenan of UNIFi Software speaks with Data Informed about data democratization, the advantages of providing business users with greater access to data, and the tools that make it possible. He breaks down the steps of data integration that enable an organization to compete in a real-time economy, and enumerates the advantages of taking IT out of a process that drowns the department in requests and invariably leads to delays in insight that can be costly to the business.



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