Demand Strong for Hadoop, NoSQL Skills

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A new forecast of the big data market brings some welcome news to IT professionals specializing in Hadoop and NoSQL.

Technology research organization Wikibon’s “Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast 2012-2017” reports that professional services was the largest revenue-producing segment of the big data market in 2012 with $3.87 billion, or 34 percent, of the $11.4 billion total. By 2017, big data professional services are expected to generate $15.4 billion, or about one-third of the $47.8 billion in total big data revenue that year, Wikibon says.

But the sub-segments of the big data market currently with the fastest growth are Hadoop and NoSQL software and services, according to the report, though combined they only accounted for $272 million of big data-related revenue in 2012.

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This rapid growth and increase in spending is translating into employment opportunities. Technology jobs site Dice reports that Hadoop is one of the hottest skills on its board.

“Postings for Hadoop jobs are up 64 percent from a year ago,” Alice Hill, managing director of Dice, tells Data Informed. “And Hadoop also is the leader in the big data category for job postings.”

As of March 1 there were 1,133 Hadoop-related jobs and 927 NoSQL jobs on Dice’s board. Hadoop pros made an average of $115,000 in 2012—slightly above the $113,000 average for all big data jobs, Hill says, while NoSQL pros pulled down around $113,000 as well.

“People talk about fads and trends, but when it hits the job-posting level and you see that much growth in one year, it’s evidence that people are hiring now,” Hill says. “It’s not a trend or a coming trend.”

Hiring professionals agree. In a Dice survey conducted last December, Hadoop skills were cited by 25 percent of respondents as the “most frequently desired” among big data professionals, with MongoDB coming in a distant second at 11%.

Dice isn’t the only job site to show strong demand for Hadoop and NoSQL skills. Over at, a meta-job posting site, there were 18,646 jobs posted under the generic “big data” umbrella, with another 8,854 under “data scientist.” Hadoop listings totaled 5,743, while NoSQL listings totaled 4,236. Both exceeded other specialties such as MongoDB (2,822 postings), Django (1,708), Hbase (1,535) and MapReduce (1,293).

That Hadoop skills are in demand really is no surprise. The open-source framework is becoming the most common platform for managing big data. Giants such as Facebook, Google,, IBM and many others use Hadoop to run their distributed computations. This week, both Intel and EMC announced major Hadoop distributions.

Among the certifying boards, universities and vendor training initiatives, Hadoop is being given special focus. For example, IBM last December announced it would provide Hadoop-based training modules as part of its alliance with more than 200 universities. And IBM’s own online Big Data University offers several Hadoop-related courses.

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