Deloitte Analytics Leader on 6 Steps to Successful Analytics Projects

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John Lucker of Deloitte

John Lucker of Deloitte

John Lucker’s job as an analytics leader at Deloitte Consulting is to help executives at large companies understand what advanced analytics can do and how to manage the organizational changes that implementing analytics systems entail.

On this episode of the Data Informed podcast, Lucker discusses how advanced analytics fit into business strategy and outlines six steps to successful analytics projects: defining a strategy that identifies goals and benefits; the quantitative work of analytics; embedding analytics into business processes; integrating analytics into operations at an enterprise; organizational change management; and measuring performance.

Lucker says that organizational change management is the most difficult of the steps, noting that “inevitably there are people who find change challenging,” whether that change requires learning new skills, altering work processes, or other concerns that must be addressed. “There’s an infinite array of challenges that could emerge,” he says, “it’s probably the most difficult [step], and also the most soft-skilled one, that requires some real soft shoe work to get done well.”

In a wide-ranging discussion, Lucker also talks about the opportunities and challenges for companies to cultivate stronger relationships with their customers, how firms can evaluate creating new markets out of data, his views on the importance of technology developments as they relate to analytics strategy, and his work developing analytics models for the insurance industry and workforce management.

The conversation starts with Lucker explaining why he believes analyzing data to build relationships with customers is harder to accomplish than many people think.

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