Data Quality Is Like Taking a Shower: Do It Daily

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Lance Speck, of Pervasive Software

Lance Speck, of Pervasive Software

Data quality is an issue that reaches across all systems, but it often goes unnoticed until it starts affecting customers and the bottom line. What if support didn’t know your best customer was on the line? What if sales didn’t know a repeat customer was delinquent on its account?

Once there is enough pain from bad data, then a data quality initiative is sure to follow, according to Lance Speck, Pervasive Software’s general manager of integration products. But cleaning up dirty data is not something that should be done only once a year, or every few months. Just like personal hygiene, it’s something that needs to be built into a daily routine.

In this interview with Data Informed staff writer Ian B. Murphy, Speck discusses how the Software-as-a-Service boom of the last decade has led to millions of companies with messy data, why IT and different departments need to work together as data stewardship partners, and where new technologies can help with data quality versus when a problem really needs a dedicated set of eyes to monitor data. (Podcast running time: 17:26.)

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