Data Integration Tools Key to Pentaho’s BI Platform

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With new database technologies entering the market frequently, database managers find themselves with a growing number of options. But with these options comes a challenge for analysts: their companies may already have data stored in several different systems, and getting one common view of the disparate datasets is difficult.

That’s why Pentaho, maker of a commercial open source business intelligence platform, believes its built-in data integration ability is key to its success. When new database technologies are announced, Pentaho works quickly to find a technology partner to stitch their products together.

Pentaho announced in February new connections for its Instaview tool to allows data workers to quickly scan and understand data from Amazon Redshift, Cloudera’s Impala, MongoDB, Twitter and Google Analytics. This list of newer technologies adds to a stable that already included established players like Aster, Greenplum, MySQL, Netezza, ParAccel and Vertica.

Pentaho is also focusing on developing new predictive analytics capabilities for customers that connect the BI platform to machine data. The company has started to hear from customers who want to anticipate hard drive or other equipment failures before they happen, or notice early attempts to hack their systems.

In this video report from Pentaho’s San Francisco offices, Pentaho’s Eddie White, executive vice president of business development, explains the company’s strategy for combining business intelligence and data integration, and explains the need for constantly engaging new technology partners.

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