Data Informed Adviser Named Co-Chair of IoT Council

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The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) today announced the formation of the ITA Internet of Things Council. The council is a cross-disciplinary effort that brings together leaders from the worlds of technology, industry, and academia, along with consumers and civic leaders, to collaborate on driving the growth and use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in Chicago and the Midwest. Don DeLoach, a frequent contributor to Data Informed and a member of the Data Informed Board of Advisers, was named co-chair of the new council.

Don DeLoach

Don DeLoach

“Chicago and the Midwest are in a unique position to be a leader in the Internet of Things evolution,” said DeLoach. “Chicago has a rich history of supporting industries such as manufacturing, software, big data, retail, and healthcare, giving the region the experience and knowledge to foster the development of the Internet of Things. With the council members collaborating closely together, all the pieces are right here for the Midwest to emerge as a national leader in the advancement of the IoT.”

The council aims to help companies and organizations that are still grappling with ways to successfully and efficiently address the influx of data generated by the IoT, to best leverage IoT technologies.

The council is the first of its kind. No other city or organization has brought together a collection of leadership spanning both the private and public sectors to help companies achieve deeper understanding and insight into the IoT and identify new capital sources for innovative technologies.

In its inaugural meeting, the council established three working groups:

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    • Inventory. This group will be responsible for cataloging and better understanding the full spectrum of the council’s assets.


    • Branding and Communications. This group will drive a deeper understanding and insight into the Internet of Things.


  • Capital. This group will identify new capital sources for innovative technologies.


Additionally, the advisory board affirmed its commitment to a public/private partnership in order to assure civic leadership in IoT.

“The adoption of IoT technologies is a key component in Chicago’s effort to become the most digitally connected city in the world,” said Brenna Berman, CIO of the City of Chicago and council co-chair. “Working with the industry to collaborate and drive adoption will mean smarter services, a smarter city and our governmental desire to see the Internet of Things play a prominent role in shaping the region.”

The IoT Council is the first in a series of councils that ITA is establishing to address key local clusters of the technology industry. Participation in the council is open to interested companies in the technology industry. More information about the council and how to get involved can be found at

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