Analytics and the Drive for New Opportunities in Micromarket Targeting

by   |    September 12, 2012

Sometimes good things come in small packages. In business-to-business sales, big data tools and techniques are digging up veritable truffles in the form of micromarkets. Running the right algorithms on a variety of data makes it possible to refocus sales efforts on the market slices with the most potential—often with dramatic results, researchers from McKinsey & Co. report. Read More…

supermarket photo by Polycart

Price Optimization Firms Bring Dynamic Pricing to Retail Aisles

by   |    September 11, 2012

Individualized pricing methods once primarily associated with buying airline tickets have come to the supermarket aisles, as well as to the shelves of brick-and-mortar and online retail stores. Understanding the product preferences of individual shoppers allows retailers to create prices and special offers tailored to that specific consumer’s purchase patterns. Read More…

Starbucks has launched a project to enable customers buying goods using their smartphones using the Square payer application. Photo via Starbucks video.

A Potential Feast for Customer Analytics, Digital Wallets Face Challenges to Widespread Adoption

by   |    September 5, 2012

Payments made from digital wallets carry a rich electronic signature: who you are, where you are, when you are making a transaction, and more promising rich analytics opportunities to connect retailers and consumers. But as a growing list of players—Starbucks, PayPal, Google, Discover, Wal-Mart—strive to make smartphones as good as cash, experts say there are several challenges industry must overcome to make digital wallets work. Read More…

How a Small Data Error Becomes a Big Data Quality Problem

by   |    September 3, 2012

Data quality problems often begin with a tiny mistake in one part of the organization, but the butterfly effect can produce disastrous results, making its way through CRM, ERP, billing, data warehouse and other enterprise systems, writes Steve Sarsfield of Talend in this opinion article. Trustworthy data motivates people to harness the information in new ways, giving rise to fresh ideas. Read More…

ParAccel Analytics Platform Tuned for Hadoop

by   |    July 3, 2012

ParAccel has tuned its analytics platform to enable users to incorporate data from Hadoop into queries quickly along with data from traditional business intelligence (BI) sources. The software-based analytics platform runs on industry standard hardware, and was built to quickly combine Read More…