Razorfish to Pilot Teradata-Aster Analytics Appliance

by   |    November 5, 2012

New York-based marketing analytics company Razorfish plans to pilot the new Teradata-Aster Big Analytics Appliance, saying the integration of the Teradata-Aster database with MapReduce functions and the Apache Hadoop distributed file system will make the company more efficient and enable it to streamline how it manages the technologies. Read More…

Elea McDonnell Feit of Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative

Inside Wharton’s Research Center for Customer Analytics

by   |    October 3, 2012

When Tom Thomas, executive director of marketing intelligence for digital ad agency Organic, wanted to take his company’s customer conversion intelligence to the next level, he could have roped in some consultants. Or brought in a big data analytics company. Or partnered with another agency. Instead, he called in the Ph.D.s from a network established by the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative. Read More…

Dollar General uses 1010data to track the contents of shopping baskets to analyze correlations among consumer choices.

1010data Offers Data Warehouse-as-a-Service for Analytics Queries

by   |    September 24, 2012

Among the strengths of the spreadsheet: many business users already know how to interpret numbers on one. 1010data takes this idea and expands it exponentially. The company’s software-as-a-service data warehouse provides fast-response queries to datasets that contain hundreds of billions of rows, serving up results via a Web browser into familiar formats including Microsoft Excel. Read More…

Improving the Effectiveness of Customer Sentiment Analysis

by   |    September 13, 2012

Is this tweet positive or negative? “If I break/lose my iPhone 4s, I’m seriously going to commit suicide.” If you say that comment doesn’t sound the least bit “negative,” it proves one thing—you’re not software. Misclassification strikes at the heart of the uneasiness over sentiment analysis: While companies want insights from social media, they debate the accuracy of available tools. Experts in this article discuss techniques to elevate the results. Read More…