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Focus On: Privacy

by   |    July 22, 2013

Privacy enters a conversation as an idea, not a business process. People have beliefs about what information about them should be shared, and feelings about who gets to receive it. In the era of big data analytics, what was once Read More…

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3 Steps to Take the Fear Factor Out of Big Data

by   |    July 16, 2013

When used properly, big data insights are far-reaching. But it can be tough to get started, writes Scott Bailey of Target Data. In this opinion piece, Bailey advises executives on three steps they can take to begin justifying the time, money and resources needed to take advantage of the opportunity.
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Focus On: Retail Analytics

by   |    June 25, 2013

It’s no secret that brick and mortar retailers have been playing catch up to their online counterparts. The surprise may just be that retailers acknowledge they are still doing so 18 years after went live. Online commerce has been Read More…