Could Big Data Have Saved the Dinosaurs? [Infographic]

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After a lackluster Memorial Day at the box office, Universal Pictures is hoping to lure moviegoers back to theaters with giant carnivorous lizards. Jurassic World, opening today in 4,273 theaters, is Universal Pictures’ widest release ever and is predicted to haul in about $125 million this weekend.

There is good reason for the optimism: Jurassic World has earned $17.3 million in China, where it was released Wednesday, helping Universal reach $2 billion in international box office for the year faster than any studio in history. In addition, the movie already has inspired a new Lego video game and, in the ultimate sign of its pop culture gravitas, received the Sesame Street treatment.

All this got the big data experts at Talend thinking: What if dinosaurs had access to big data? How might things be different?

This infographic, with images from Talend, depicts how the company imagines big data could have altered the fate of the dinosaurs, and is another illustration big data’s potential to change the world.

If you are heading to the movies tonight, tell them Data Informed sent you. A few points on the back end of this monster could be potentially world-changing, too.




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