Webinar: Can Hadoop Coexist Peacefully with a Legacy Data Warehouse?

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It’s a growing concern that Hadoop can’t play nicely with a legacy data warehouse. The fact is, however, that Hadoop complements a data warehouse, offering customers the best of both worlds while avoiding large rip and replace implementation projects.

Attend this webcast to uncover how and why to integrate Hadoop with your legacy data warehouse to maintain your existing investment and gain a platform to perform more sophisticated operations. Learn how to take advantage of Hadoop to store and access your archived data at lower cost, leverage new sources of information, and improve your ability to work with unstructured data.

In this webinar, Hadoop thought leader Todd Jones will discuss key considerations for using Hadoop with a legacy data warehouse, including:

• Areas where Hadoop is appropriate
• Specific applications and use cases for Hadoop
• Specific applications and use cases for a data warehouse

Register today to ensure you take full advantage of integrating Hadoop with your legacy data warehouse.

Featured Speaker:

Todd Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Spry, Inc.

Todd is Chief Operating Officer at Spry, Inc., a Maryland company specializing in developing data analytics using Hadoop and Data Science. As COO, Todd has led Hadoop-based projects across a number of vertical markets, including the Department of Defense, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Consumer Services, and Transportation. He is actively engaged with technology partners, ensuring that Spry’s clients best utilize emerging technologies that support Apache Hadoop and the development of new, data-driven insights.

Todd is a graduate of Princeton University with a degree in Operations Research and Financial Engineering.

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