Bringing Interactive Queries to Hadoop and the Skills to Go with Them

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The ecosystem around the open source Hadoop framework will continue to grow in 2013, and one area that will see a burst of development is creating a SQL interface for real-time interactive queries. There are at least two different groups working on products to allow developers to connect to Hadoop with SQL: developers at commercial Hadoop company Cloudera are working on their product Impala, and a community of open source developers are working on Apache Drill.

MapR CEO John Schroeder.

MapR CEO John Schroeder.

MapR Technologies CEO and co-founder John Schroeder said creating a framework to use SQL is the next step for Hadoop in part because the ability to have interactive data queries is important. Schroeder added that because there is a wealth of SQL programming knowledge already in the marketplace, it will help enterprise adoption of Hadoop.

In this interview with Data Informed Staff Writer Ian B. Murphy, Schroeder discusses the latest progress on Apache Drill, which MapR is helping to develop, and why his company tackled a major upgrade to the NoSQL data store HBase in MapR’s latest version. Schroeder also discusses which jobs in the Hadoop ecosystem are in the greatest demand, and what knowledge is crucial to work with Hadoop. (Podcast running time: 22:56)

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