NASA Perpetual Ocean image

Perpetual Oceans, a NASA Visualization Designed for the Masses

by   |    November 1, 2012

Some visualizations beguile us with their beauty, but be warned: making them takes a bite out of time.

A case in point is the Perpetual Oceans video posted by NASA on social media in March. Though the animation, which shows the flow of the oceans currents over June 2005 to December 2007, was more than two years old, once it landed on Facebook it swept around the Web. Read More…

SAS CEO Jim Goodnight on Modernizing Analytics for Massively Parallel Systems

by   |    October 11, 2012

Modern analytics are fast, no matter the size of the data you’re crunching, so analysts can run several iterations of their models and reach insights more quickly than using systems of the past. In the past three years, Jim Goodnight, the CEO Read More…